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Some Different Things Meme’s Can Be Made About


man-dancingYes, there are easy pickings when it comes to meme’s and those around us that we love (or hate), but what about some off the wall reasons to hit someone with a face full of meme? Out of the ordinary things to make fun of people for are not easily dependable, and you may land on something that makes them madder than something regular.

  1. Dancing– Some low hanging fruit here, but the way people dance has been laughed at since the beginning of time. We have seen plenty videos of it, but a meme is quick and to the point.
  2. Snoring– The best thing about snoring is that unless you have proof, no one thinks they do it. That is unless you have a mouthpiece like Zyppah, or some other snoring remedy. It’s something that hits to the core but at the same time isn’t really mean. Half of people snore, it’s not big deal.
  3. Singing– Still don’t really see these meme’s yet. There are horrible sounding singers as far as the eye can see, and having family trust you enough to do it around you is dangerous if you want it to be.
  4. Favorite anything– Can be a book, movie, song, band. If it’s embarrassing and you know it, you can let everyone else know with a sweet meme. Have a sister that still likes Hanson? Let her new work friends know.
  5. Old pictures– Always funny. Instead of just posting that old picture of your husband on his page for his birthday, throw some words on it to make it extra funny. It will make it more personal and funnier.


4 of the Best Inspirations for Meme’s

IdeaWe all need some inspiration every now and then. A hilarious meme isn’t always at the tip of the tongue, if it was we would be millionaires (probably). Here are real life examples of what everyone needs to get the idea juice flowing.

  1. Media– The best meme’s are the ones that reach the most people. Media these days gives us the most available and up to date information on almost every facet of life. If Brittney Spears were to go bald again, we would know in three minuets and have a great new meme up in five. If Lebron James were to blow another championship, the whole world would know instantly and be able to mock him together.
  2. Teachers/Bosses– For the good ones you know in your life, there are countless others that are bad. People have been making fun of their bosses most likely since the first job. Lucky for us, we are able to make fun of them now without putting a direct picture to the joke. This is great when you’re not looking to get in trouble.
  3. Music– Depending on what type of music you listen to, it can either have you ready to spread the love or spread the hate. If you listen to Metallica, you may be more into making fun of your brother, if you listen to relaxing music like Wholetones, you may be more into watching the sunset with some iced tea. A good song that will get you juiced to hate on your brother is always a welcome inspiration.
  4. Spouses– How could you not? You are around them more than anyone. There will always be things that irk you about them. You can relieve this stress by some funny pictures to your friends that they will (hopefully) never see. Or send a quick one of them to end a text argument really quickly.


Some of the Best Times to Make Meme’s


  1. When you’re grounded: Stuck in your room for hours is the best time to waste it by making meme’s. Face it, when you’re grounded, you’re just looking for that time to end. Making meme’s of your friends and parents is a 100% great way to do it.
  2. During a sports game: The best meme’s these days are those making fun of popular people. Say Tony Romo just threw another pic, you want to be the first one with a new meme out making fun of him.
  3. When you’re stuck in your room for other reasons: You might not be grounded, but there are many other reasons why yo’d be stuck in your room. Say you have Ringworm, first thing to do is put on some ointment like Phytozine, then get to burning all your friends with sweet meme’s while they’re in class.
  4. First thing in the morning: Statistically the best time for thinking, meme’s in the morning give you a jump on everyone else. Jump out of the shower and type up a quick foul bachelor frog before class. Give everyone a quick smile in the morning.