1. When you’re grounded: Stuck in your room for hours is the best time to waste it by making meme’s. Face it, when you’re grounded, you’re just looking for that time to end. Making meme’s of your friends and parents is a 100% great way to do it.
  2. During a sports game: The best meme’s these days are those making fun of popular people. Say Tony Romo just threw another pic, you want to be the first one with a new meme out making fun of him.
  3. When you’re stuck in your room for other reasons: You might not be grounded, but there are many other reasons why yo’d be stuck in your room. Say you have Ringworm, first thing to do is put on some ointment like Phytozine, then get to burning all your friends with sweet meme’s while they’re in class.
  4. First thing in the morning: Statistically the best time for thinking, meme’s in the morning give you a jump on everyone else. Jump out of the shower and type up a quick foul bachelor frog before class. Give everyone a quick smile in the morning.